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Atonye Works From Home as a Service Desk Analyst After Completing IT Courses at CD-ED

Atonye Omubo-Pepple
Atonye gained the skills and training he needed to start a rewarding career in IT

CD-ED’s IT Professional Program Helped Atonye Discover His Passion for IT

Meet CD-ED Alum, Atonye Omubo-Pepple (IT Support). Atonye shares his account from taking the program to securing a position in the field:

“I picked the IT professional program as my passion for IT keeps growing though I have years of experience in engineering. I enjoyed the entire program as setting my foundation in a field I love was so exciting to me. I however had a very tough start as I was working at that time. I needed more time to study and work at the same time so half of my night sleep was lost for a while. That was stressful at the start.

Now, I am currently working at eHealth Saskatchewan as a Service Desk Analyst.

Due to the pandemic, I work from home and my typical workday sees me at my desk before 8:30am to work. Most part of the day is taking calls to help different application needs of clients and citizens. I use my analytical and client relationship management skills the most in my current job. Every client call need both skills to provide the solutions that client desire as well as keep clients happy. 5pm is end of day.

The pandemic played a positive impact on my job search. There was an increase in the demand for IT services as many jobs were going remote due to the lock down. This created opportunity for me to start off my career. Started as a volunteer to showcase my commitment and great work ethics. Then I was given my first contract after 9 weeks volunteering. I am very excited with the job and hope to get a permanent deal soon.

Thank you to my instructor Janine Carroll and CDED for the foundations and support. ”

For more information about how you can get the skills to become an IT Professional, visit the IT Professional Program page or call 1-866-446-5898.