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Lydia Enjoyed the Flexibility of Online Health Information Management Training at CD-ED

Lydia Akiru
While living in Alberta, Lydia was grateful to be able to complete her HIM training online

Lydia Found Success in the Healthcare Field after Completing Online HIM Training with CD-ED

Meet CD-ED Alum, Lydia Akiru, Health Information Management Graduate! Lydia shares her story from picking the program to securing a career in her field: “I chose Health Information Management CD‐ED because I always had a desire to work in the health care field. Having a background in computer science and business administration I wanted a program that would align with my previous education background.

In addition, CD-ED offered an online program compared to other institutions that only offered in class teaching. This was flexible to me and enabled me to study when I was off work. I also didn’t have to move based on the fact that I reside in Alberta.

In general, I enjoyed the entire course. I was very interested on all the subjects that they taught so I put in effort to understand the subject material. I always knew what job I wanted to do so I made sure I understood every material and asked for help whenever I needed.

The challenging part I found was not having enough contact with fellow students taking the program (unlike my previous courses where I went to class) but on the brighter side CD-ED has amazing instructors who offered support and feedback as soon as they where able too. This helped with challenging assignments and understanding the concepts better.

I am working with Alberta Health Services as a Clinical Coding Specialist. A typical day is I work a 8‐4 job with an amazing team health information professionals. I mostly do coding and abstracting of charts in all areas such as inpatient coding, emergency charts, clinics and day surgeries. I mostly use my coding and computing skills, medical terminologies, anatomy and pathophysiology basically all areas the program offered each course helps

My job is enjoyable because each chart is different and I get to learn a lot. The other fun part is being able to share ideas among the team and learn and support each other.

I had an amazing experience taking the program. The many assignments and practicums prepared me for the real job world. I did get hired as soon as I graduated.

To future and current students take your time and understand what is being taught; if you don’t understand ask for help. And while in placement treat it as your job often times those are the places that will hire you once you graduate. Best of luck to you all!”

For more information about how you can get the skills to become a Health Information Manager, visit the Health Information Management Program page or call 1-866-446-5898.