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For Employers

Are you an employer who wants to hire a graduate? Or perhaps you are interested in investing in your current employees’ skills? CD-ED is the right place for you.

At Centre for Distance Education (CD-ED), we deliver quality career training and development through online learning. The CD-ED Instructors provide one-on-one support for all programs, and there are weekly expectations and strict deadlines. Students have the flexibility to create their own study schedules that work best with their personal responsibilities and must learn prioritization skills to successfully graduate. CD-ED Graduates develop superior time management, organizational and multi-tasking skills along with the ability to work independently. Skills any employer values on their team!

For information about our diploma programs and professional development courses, contact our Admissions Team at 1-866-446-5898.

To inquire about hiring a graduate, or to share a job posting, contact Susan in Career Services at 1-866-797-5333 Ext 7 or complete the form below.

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