CD-ED Faculty

Welcome to the CD-ED faculty page. The CD-ED faculty is here to provide students with toll-free and on-line assistance. Students are encouraged to talk with the CD-ED faculty on a continuous basis so that they may develop a typical student/teacher relationship.

An institution is only as good as the individuals responsible for conveying information to its students. Our instructors must live up to our very high expectations. We don’t require excellence, we demand it!

The CD-ED faculty members are referred to as Instructors. All of our instructors are fully qualified and licensed with the Department of Education and Training; all possess university degrees and/or several years of related work experience. Instructors who have experience working in the industry they teach know what graduates can expect in the workforce. Therefore, students are trained to deal with the potential obstacles they might encounter.

Some of the credentials carried by our faculty and staff include: BBA, CIM, IQSM, BA, LPN, A+, ICDL, IC3, MOUS Master, Certified Trainer, CD2, BACS, HSW, and HCW. As a group, our faculty and staff have majors, concentrations, diplomas and certificates in: Office Administration, Computer Accounting, Train the Trainer, Paralegal Technology, Medical Terminology, Professional Secretarial, Customer Service, Student Information Management System, Business Education, Digital Animation, Graphic Design & Web Page Development, Interactive Multimedia Technology, Multimedia & Animation, English, Sociology, and Psychology.

The management of CD-ED endeavors to create a comfortable and secure environment in which to work and we know that all of our employees convey this attitude to their students. Remember that “Help is Only an Email or Phone Call Away!”

Meet Our Senior Faculty Members

Lori A. MacMullin, Faculty PresidentLori A. MacMullin, BBA, CIM, IQSM


Lori has been involved with the distance and on-line education industry for close to twenty years. During this time she has witnessed changing technologies and delivery methodologies. The one factor that remains constant is the students’ need for individualized assistance throughout their training programs. That is the premise that CD-ED was founded on and it still rings true today. Throughout her career, Lori has held several positions in the industry, including Course Counselor, Director of Student Services, Director of Educational Services, and Director of Operations. Lori is here to answer all of your administrative questions and help you overcome any problems that you may encounter.

“We demand excellence from our staff and faculty where our students are concerned; anything less simply will not do.” – Lori MacMullin

Gail McLean, Medical InstructorGail McLean, LPN, Office Administration, Certified Trainer

Director of Student Services, Senior Medical Instructor

Gail is a seasoned professional with many years of experience dealing with adult learners. She has worked in the nursing field for more than ten years and excels as our Senior Medical Instructor. As she strives for excellence in her own duties, she also expects this from her students. Gail provides superior student support and is always available to help a student in need. She also assists with the development and delivery of customized programs to diverse cultural groups. Gail is here to answer your questions and help you on your path to graduation.

“The harder you work, the more successful you will become.” – Gail McLean

Gayle Bird, Senior Digital Arts InstructorGayle Bird, BA, Multimedia Technology, Certified Trainer

Designer, Senior Digital Arts Instructor

Gayle brings eleven years of experience to CD-ED / DArTT as a web and graphic designer, and fifteen years as a traditional artist. As a freelance designer, she is able to share the benefit of her extensive real-world knowledge to students. Gayle’s experience in the arts & crafts field brings a unique perspective to design, and over the past seven years she’s enjoyed imparting that knowledge to her distance students. In addition to being the senior digital arts instructor, Gayle is also our in-house designer. She designs and organizes our course materials. Gayle is here to answer any of your digital arts and design questions.

“The ability to find an answer is just as important as knowing the answer in the first place!” – Gayle Bird

Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve

Our instructors have all been hired from within the industry itself and have been fully qualified and licensed with the Department of Education and Training.

Because the members of our faculty have worked in their industries, they know the full range of skills employers want and understand what it takes to succeed in the job market.
Some of the faculty are also staying on top of their skills as entrepreneurs and freelancers, working in the industry alongside teaching at CD-ED.

Our instructors play a critical role in the development of our curriculum. They make sure our courses stay ahead of digital technology’s ever-changing curve.

Every year, new technology appears that has potential to change the way people work in business, accounting, office administration and digital arts. With a finger on the pulse of their industries, our instructors are in a prime position to recommend curriculum changes as these industries evolve. Courses are updated every year, based on software releases, and are improved each year based on market changes, shortcomings, and strengths.

That makes our graduates well-equipped with the tools and methods they’ll need in today’s – and tomorrow’s – job market.

From Classroom to Workplace

Our instructors are the creators of our tutorials and project requirements, which aim to duplicate what students are likely to encounter in the working world.

Deadlines for original projects mimic the urgency of the working world and projects are often presented as though they come from clients.

From Theory to Application

Our instructors’ industry experience also has an impact on how exams and project assignments are developed. For example, our programs include mini-projects that expand upon our step-by-step tutorials to ensure students understand the principals in the tutorial. By applying the theory they’ve learned to new circumstances, students become prepared to meet daily challenges in the workplace.

Beyond the Basics

Industry experience has demonstrated to our instructors the value of being able to extrapolate a skill, so course work includes opportunities for students to use a newly-learned skill in a more sophisticated way. At least once per creative module, students are given an exam that requires them to build upon the techniques they’ve been taught. These exams are evaluated to help students improve their techniques and are constructively criticized to help address each student’s needs.

Students are also encouraged to create original projects within loosely-defined parameters, and to submit extra original work and submit it for evaluation. This helps them build project-oriented skills specific to their career goals.