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CD-ED Faculty

Centre for Distance Education faculty members are referred to as instructors. Each of our instructors is licensed with the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education.  To qualify as an instructor, they must meet the post-secondary education and occupational experience requirements set out by the regulator.

CD-ED’s instructors have worked in the industries they teach about.  As a result, they know the full range of skills employers want and understand what it takes to succeed in the job market.  CD-ED has recruited talented instructors from across Canada to ensure that we offer a top-quality training experience and broad regional knowledge.

Delivering superior one-on-one student support is integral to the experience that our college strives to provide.   Students are encouraged to talk with their instructors regularly so that they may develop a typical student-teacher relationship.

Help is only an email or phone call away!

Learn more from our Accounting instructor, Jennifer Woodsworth

Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve

Our instructors play a critical role in the development of our curriculum. They make sure CD-ED’s courses stay ahead of digital technology’s ever-changing curve.

Every year, new technology appears that has the potential to change the way people work in business, healthcare, information technology, media arts & design settings. Our courses are updated each year, as needed, based on new software releases and textbook editions.

With a finger on the pulse of their industries, our instructors are in a prime position to recommend curriculum changes as these industries evolve. We further improve course content over time based on market changes.

Our efforts to stay ahead of the technology curve ensures that CD-ED graduates are well-equipped with the tools and methods they’ll need in the job market today and tomorrow.

From Classroom to Workplace

Our instructors are the creators of our tutorials and project requirements. We aim to duplicate what students are likely to encounter in the working world. Projects are often presented to students as though they come from clients and deadlines mimic the urgency of the working world.

From Theory to Application

Our instructors’ industry experience also impacts how we develop exams and project assignments. For example, our programs include mini-projects that expand upon our step-by-step tutorials to ensure students understand the principals in the tutorial. By applying the theory that they have learned to new circumstances, students become prepared to meet daily challenges in the workplace.

Our Graphic Design instructor, Karen Ramsey, will tell you more about her experience at CD-ED.

Beyond the Basics

Industry experience has demonstrated to our instructors the value of being able to apply and develop skills beyond the basic applications. As a result, course work includes opportunities for students to use newly-acquired skills in a more sophisticated way and build upon the techniques they have learned. Through the evaluation process, students receive constructive feedback to help them to improve their techniques.

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