Lie #2: Online Colleges Aren’t As Good As Traditional Ones

Lie #2: Online Colleges Aren’t As Good As Traditional Ones If it were actually true that traditional colleges are better than online colleges then I suppose there’d be no point even trying to juggle work and school. Universities would all close their distance education departments, and you may as well quit your job right now

When Can I Start Online Learning?

Attending school in person and learning online are very different activities. While the classroom learning experience is a tradition that has built up over hundreds of years, no such traditions exist for online learning. That means that you can write the rules, including when you decide to start online learning. It often seems like a huge barrier

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Webinar Recap

  Introduction to the 7 Habits Webinar Every one of you has obstacles in life, whether it be: Taking care of family and loved ones; Working a job while attending school; or Financial difficulties (but are trying to better your future to change that). No matter what the obstacle, each and every one of you