Online Health Information Management Program – Part-Time Option Available Soon!

 CD-ED Has a New Online Health Information Management Program Available Spring 2018 The CD-ED Health Information Management Team recently met in Toronto to discuss new career opportunities available to HIM Professionals. On the agenda was the launch of our Part-Time Health Information Management Program (pending approval), coming in Spring 2018. The team is excited to

Anne Michalski Found Her Passion with CD-ED’s Health Information Management Program

Train for a Health Information Management Career from Anywhere in Canada with CD-ED’s Online Courses Anne Michalski was unsure about going back to school as a mature student. She realized she could apply her previous data management experience in CD-ED’s exciting new Health Information Management (HIM) program, which is a unique career training program students

Health Information Management Student Tells All!

Hello my name is Anne Michalski, I am currently a student with CD-ED a terrific on-line school based in Cape Breton Nova Scotia. As a mature student with previous data management experience I have been able to apply some of my life experience and skills to an exciting new course, HIM, health information management. The

Health Information Management Student Presents Paper

Health Information Management Grad Jordan Bassett Receives International Acclaim for her Final Project The CD-ED Health Information Management program is top quality, arming graduates with real world experience and in-depth technical knowledge, with the convenience of online learning. Health Information Management graduate Jordan Bassett is proof of this. She wrote a research essay that was

HIM: But I don’t WANT to code!

One of the biggest misconceptions in the Health Information Management (HIM) world is that graduates can only work as ‘coders’ in hospitals. While working as a Classifications specialist is a highly specialized and in-demand role in health care, there are many other opportunities for the certified HIM professional besides coding. What else can a HIM professional

CD-Ed HIM Grads All Pass Certification Exam

It’s exam time again here in Canada, and Health Information Management students and CD-Ed are preparing to write the National Certification (NCE) exam that will decide their career’s future.  A certified Health Information Management professional manages the information crucial to patients and health care providers throughout the health care system. They guide management decisions on how, where,

Hot Jobs

According to an article in the Toronto Star (May 25 2013), two of the top 10 job vacancies in Canada are managers in science and information systems, and managers in health care – a perfect match for the Health Information Management (HIM) professional.

In the Clouds

Cloud computing…yet another new term for this older HIM professional to understand and teach the new generation of HIM professionals-to-be. What on earth, or in the sky, is cloud computing?

Data Liberation

We hear the term a lot these days…and I always picture data facing an enemy, engaged in fierce battle. Data with spears, and lasers, and ray-guns! (I have been told I have an active imagination). But what does data liberation mean?

Big Data – What’s That?

Big Data – What’s That? A quote from Anthony D. Williams: “Every animate and inanimate object on Earth will soon be generating data, including our homes, our cars, and yes, even our bodies.” (