Congratulations Adam, CD-ED’s July Scholarship Winner

Adam Found an Online Graphic Design Program to Help Him Reach His Goals  Adam is a renaissance man. He has attended various universities and colleges for different disciplines. Comparing his experience at different schools, Adam says the Graphic Design Program at CD-ED stood out as the most practical education he has received thus far. When

Health Information Management Student Tells All!

Hello my name is Anne Michalski, I am currently a student with CD-ED a terrific on-line school based in Cape Breton Nova Scotia. As a mature student with previous data management experience I have been able to apply some of my life experience and skills to an exciting new course, HIM, health information management. The

Health Information Management Student Presents Paper

Jordan Bassett Receives International Acclaim for her Final Research Project The CD-ED Health Information Management program is of top quality, arming graduates with real world experience and in-depth (technical) knowledge (with the convenience of online learning). This is evident as graduate Jordan Bassett wrote a research essay that was recently selected to be featured in

4 Steps in Networking for Career Success within Canada

How does networking for career success happen? Networking is an extremely important aspect to a job search. Most job leads and job offers still come from networking. So what is networking? You’re actually networking all the time – even when you’re not looking for work. Everyone you know is part of your “network”. Your family,

Accounting Technician: Newest Program at CD-Ed!

Presenting our newest diploma program: Accounting Technican! We’ve developed the 52-week* Accounting Technician Program with everything you need to know to be a competitive force in the Accounting Technician field. Using research based on industry needs and instructor experience, we’ve built this program to withstand the changing times. The new Accounting Technician Program has a solid foundation in accounting,

Hot Jobs

According to an article in the Toronto Star (May 25 2013), two of the top 10 job vacancies in Canada are managers in science and information systems, and managers in health care – a perfect match for the Health Information Management (HIM) professional.