Hot Jobs

According to an article in the Toronto Star (May 25 2013), two of the top 10 job vacancies in Canada are managers in science and information systems, and managers in health care – a perfect match for the Health Information Management (HIM) professional.

In the Clouds

Cloud computing…yet another new term for this older HIM professional to understand and teach the new generation of HIM professionals-to-be. What on earth, or in the sky, is cloud computing?

Data Liberation

We hear the term a lot these days…and I always picture data facing an enemy, engaged in fierce battle. Data with spears, and lasers, and ray-guns! (I have been told I have an active imagination). But what does data liberation mean?

Big Data – What’s That?

Big Data – What’s That? A quote from Anthony D. Williams: “Every animate and inanimate object on Earth will soon be generating data, including our homes, our cars, and yes, even our bodies.” (

IFHIMA – An HIM student’s experience

This is a guest post by one of our HIM students. Last month, I was privileged with the opportunity to attend the 17th IFHIMA Congress in Montreal, Quebec. At the beginning of my HIM educational journey I learned about this event and made the decision that if I could go, I would go.


Networking Tomorrow I leave for Montreal, heading to the IFHIMA congress. This represents a great chance to get together with peers whose friendships have built over years in the profession. The HIM community is small in numbers, and as we move through our careers, we have the opportunity to work with HIM professionals in many

National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week In among the alerts of assignments submitted and meeting notifications, yesterday I found an email from CHIMA thanking me for participating in different initiatives. Until I received the email, I had forgotten that it was National Volunteer Week, a time to acknowledge those who provide services without remuneration to an organization. While


mHealth? The world of health information management is filled with acronyms – shorthand for things too long to say or type. CIHI, HIM, PHR, HI and the like, pepper our daily conversations and writings. Just when you think you know them all, and it’s safe to stop learning, up pops another one! Now we have

HIM Scholarship Awarded to CD-ED Student

The Linda Elias Health Information Management Scholarship was awarded this month to Mackenzie Health Hospital employee and new Centre for Distance Education student Santrina Cerquozzi.