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When Can I Start Online Learning?

Picture is taken from outside of someone staring out a window that is streaked with rain. Text on the image says; When can I start start online learning?
Just because September is well underway, doesn’t mean you’ve missed the learning deadline.

Attending school in person and learning online are very different activities. While the classroom learning experience is a tradition that has built up over hundreds of years, no such traditions exist for online learning. That means that you can write the rules, including when you decide to start online learning.

It often seems like a huge barrier that school only starts in September; sometimes in the joyful wonder and sun of summer, September sneaks up on you and before you’ve even realized it, school has started: and you’re not in it.

Well, that doesn’t have to be the case!

You don’t have to let another year slide through your fingers, or stay in the job that’s beneath you, or collect employment insurance. This year will be different.

Start Online Learning When YOU Want

With Online Education at the Centre for Distance Education, you can start going to school pretty much any time you please.

Our continuous intake service means that you can start when your schedule allows.

We’re talking all year – even at the end of September when all the other schools are full, in the middle of February when you’re so sun-deprived you would do anything not to be bored anymore, or in the dead heat of summer when you just want to hide inside with the A/C cranked.

Finish When You Want, As Well!

Starting school any time you like means you can finish school any time you like. So if you plan it properly and look ahead…. instead of being a graduate in the spring in competition with all the other fresh-faced university and college grads, you can show up at an interview when everybody else is still in school, right when employers least expect you and they’re dying to find qualified applicants for the jobs they have available.

Once you’ve grasped the concept of starting school when you want (not on some ancient schedule, irrelevant in the 21st century), you will look at the timing of college very differently: as a strategic tool on your true career path.