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Accounting Technician: Newest Program at CD-Ed!

Accounting Technician working at a desk.
The Accounting Technician Program is new at CD-Ed and features well-rounded skills for the modern accounting technician

Presenting our newest diploma program: Accounting Technican!

We’ve developed the 52-week* Accounting Technician Program with everything you need to know to be a competitive force in the Accounting Technician field. Using research based on industry needs and instructor experience, we’ve built this program to withstand the changing times. The new Accounting Technician Program has a solid foundation in accounting, while giving the student the flexible skills, time management capabilities, and problem-solving abilities to stay current after graduation and well beyond.

Traditionally, a bookkeeper could enter the workforce knowing only about financial transactions. But now, the job market has shifted to require that bookkeepers have more well-rounded office skills. That’s why we have created the program: to mirror those needs, giving the student the necessary communication skills to participate in multiple business environments.

New program includes both accounting and “soft” skills

Our Career Skills module contains the broad, thorough training necessary to develop competence on the job, including Occupational Health & Safety. The program also includes a real-world practical module we are truly enthusiastic about. In the practical module, the student goes through a one-month accounting cycle, as well as a full module covering payroll practices in Canada. We also require a basic typing course. The practical course is more than just bookkeeping– it provides students with the knowledge of why this information is required and how it works.

The program has plenty of transactional bookkeeping, to ensure that you can balance accounts. In addition, it introduces some low-level accounting skills. Students learn how to build financial statements, and prepare and adjust entries. A successful graduate will learn to record and post transactions for a business, while understanding its financials as a whole. This mix ensures the graduate will be an asset in any bookkeeping position, and a great hire for business owners.

Is the Accounting Technician Program for you?

Centre for Distance Education is extremely proud of this new program. Are you great with numbers? Do you want to work with financial records and accounts management? If so, the Accounting Technician program could be for you! Why not apply online, so one of our admissions recruiters can contact you with more information? The first start date is July 11, 2016.

* Program length when completed in normal time.