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Anne Michalski Found Her Passion with CD-ED’s Health Information Management Program

Train for a Health Information Management Career from Anywhere in Canada with CD-ED’s Online Courses

Anne Michalski was unsure about going back to school as a mature student. She realized she could apply her previous data management experience in CD-ED’s exciting new Health Information Management (HIM) program, which is a unique career training program students complete by taking online courses in Canada.

Throughout her time in the program, Anne appreciated the advantages of online training. The flexibility of hours were the most important feature for her. But she also found the lack of a commute to class, no distractions in her work environment, and the ability to contact other students or her instructors when required were helpful aspects of online training.

During her practicum Anne realized, from speaking with other students, that their programs were 3 years long, whereas Anne was able to complete hers in 102 weeks, in less than 2 years. She realized that if you have previous experience with health records you can complete the program even faster, since it’s self-paced!

Finding Opportunities Through Online Courses in HIM

Anne found many opportunities by taking the online courses in HIM. She was able to conduct her first-year practicum in Montreal, and she connected with many professionals in the HIM world through interactive webinar presentations. On the subject of webinars, Anne commented, “Many of the lessons covered current articles for a better understanding of medical research papers, current events and challenges to health data, as well exciting new developments within healthcare management.”

She was attracted to this profession partly because of the wonderful opportunities it offers, from hospital records to medical research to worldwide standardization of terms and classifications. HIM graduates can pursue a variety of jobs, including coding, programming, coordinating, privacy advocating, standardizing or even teaching, to name just a few.

Becoming Part of the Healthcare Community

When asked about other important aspects of the HIM profession she answered, “the high ethical standard and sense of co-operation that are encouraged within the membership. The sense of sharing and learning that continues far beyond the initial classroom phase is not found in many other professions and brings a sense of community with many opportunities to have a positive impact on the direction of healthcare.”

Anne added these final thoughts: “I feel blessed to have this new career direction thanks to the great instructors at CD-ED.”

Thank you Anne, we know you’ll have a fruitful and successful career in Health Information Management. Your passion and dedication is apparent. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Are you interested in starting a fulfilling new career in Health Information Management? If so, Check out CD-ED’s online Health Information Management Program. You’ll be on your way to becoming a working professional in no time! Call 1-866-446-5898 today!