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Kristen Merinsky, Office Administration Graduate

To be honest, my eyes well up when I think of the opportunities this school has given me even thus far. I am able to stay home with my son who I am raising alone (who means the world to me), AND continue my education. What more could a girl ask for? My son is going to thank me one day for taking this step to offer him a better life. I look forward to bettering myself too. I have always dreamed of working in an office setting as opposed to fast food. It was degrading and made me feel worthless. I want to feel important and essential to an employer and to society.

I feel like I have a fresh start and like I am a new person. I am so eager to see where this road will lead, and where I will stand in 5 years.

Kristin Merinsky
Kristen Merinsky, Office Administration Graduate

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