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I really enjoyed my time at CD-ED. All the teachers were absolutely wonderful – they were eager to help, whilst also being there for help. Sometimes in a bigger class the teacher is overwhelmed by the amount of students and aren’t able to sit with them one on one, but if the teachers at CD-ED weren’t available at first call you could be certain they would be back to you within the day, I personally heard within hours. The same could be said about email and getting back your grades. The material was challenging enough to keep you on your toes and not make you bored, but not so much that you would lose motivation. Being a stay at home mom with still a lot of other things on my plate, the load wasn’t overwhelming. You could also go to your teachers for motivation, and to keep your schedule on track. I would absolutely recommend CD-ED to anyone. It was an amazing time.

Brittany Reese, MOA Graduate

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