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chima Canadian Health Information Management Association

Nationally Recognized in Health Information Management

We are happy to announce that thanks to Sandra Cotton, Program Coordinator and the rest of our Health Information Management team, CD-ED has successfully renewed its accreditation with the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA).

Accreditation with CHIMA means that Health Information Management students can be confident that their training meets the standards required by professionals in the industry. It also allows graduates to pursue national certification and receive the CHIM designation in their name. This designation is recognized by employers all across Canada and proves that you are qualified professional.

Prepare for CHIM designation with flexible, online training from our Health Information Management Program.


Earn Your CHIM Designation


Program of the Month

Accounting Technician

Get the Skills to Be an Accounting Professional

As an Accounting Technican student, you'll get the up-to-date skills modern employers look for through a blend of tutorials, step-by-step assignments and hands-on application. If you enjoy working with numbers and are ready to get into a rewarding professional career (without putting your whole life on hold), our online accounting course could be an excellent option. View the Accounting Technician program details to see if this is the right career track for you!

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Jennifer MacKinnon accepting CHIMA Graduating Student of the Year Award

CHIMA Graduating Student of the Year

This year’s CHIMA Graduating Student of the Year Award for Ontario has been awarded to CD-ED HIM student Jennifer MacKinnon! This award is given by the association to the student who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and commitment to the values of Health Information Management and CHIMA. Congratulations!

McMaster University CHIMA Designation

Are you a McMaster University graduate looking to obtain your CHIMA Certification? We have partnered with McMaster University to offer a HIM completion program. This means you can get the remaining components you need to qualify to write the CHIMA National Certification Exam and become a certified CHIMA Professional.

At CD-ED, you’ll complete a year-long program consisting of two 6-week long practicums, as well as completing a Coding and Classification course. Graduates of this program will be fully prepared to take the CHIMA exam and become a fully certified CHIMA Professional.

Add the required components to your McMaster HIM diploma and prepare for your designation with our CHIMA Certification program!

Working in Health Information Management (HIM)

“HIM - What is this career like?" Hear from 2 perspectives, our CD-ED faculty and a CD-ED graduate as they explain what it’s like to work in the field of Health Information Management.

CD-ED graduate Pallavi Mathur created the “What is Health Information Management” video, which explores a more detailed look at what HIM is in Canada. The video includes what HIM professionals do, a brief history of the profession, and how to become a HIM professional.

The Faculty here at CD-ED created an informational video explaining what HIM’s do, and the many areas that HIM’s must be competent in.

Check Out The New Part-Time Program


The Faculty here at CD-ED created an informational video explaining what HIM’s do, and the many areas that HIM’s must be competent in.

Coming Soon!

CD-ED will launch a part-time HIM program (pending approval) come spring 2018.

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Canadian Quality Career-Training

Our diploma programs are career focused and nationally recognized by employers across the country. If you feel stuck trying to balance your family, work and other responsibilities, or classroom learning simply doesn’t work for you – you’ve come to the right place.

Some of the many benefits of attending CD-ED are:

  • Classes start weekly - You don’t need to wait for traditional class start dates – we make it easy for you to integrate education to fit into your life. CD-ED works with your busy schedule by offering frequent and flexible start dates. No more waiting around to start your career, begin classes right away.
  • High satisfaction ratings - Be confident when signing up for CD-ED knowing that it offers excellent career-training education. Reputation matters and word of mouth speaks the loudest. Read reviews from our satisfied graduates here.
  • Accessible learning environment - Each student can find something to suit their learning needs because CD-ED offers various learning management systems designed for different learning styles. At CD-ED no one is left behind.
  • 20 years of online training - You can rest assured knowing that CD-ED’s online training experts have over 20 years of experience and thousands of graduate successes who, just like you, needed convenience without affecting quality in their education.

Come to CD-ED to join a rich and supportive community. We’ll give you the boost you need to get your career started today.

Funding Your Education

Making Education Accessible and Affordable to Everyone

There are a variety of funding programs available in Canada to help support your education and career goals. At the Centre for Distance Education, we believe there should be no barriers to higher education and our team of financial specialists are here to help you navigate your options.

Learn More About Financial Options Today

Whatever your circumstances, there are many funding choices available to you. Contact us today to explore your options.

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