Monique Prives PhotoMonique found her degree wasn’t enough for the job market so she came to CD-ED for more. She is now running her own business.

The Experience

Q. What drew you to the programs at CD-ED?

“After changing programs back and forth for most of my experience in post-secondary eduction, I finally decided I wanted to take a program in graphic design. CD-ED appealed to me because it looked very flexible and gave me the opportunity to try a new style of education after being unsatisfied with my previous experiences.”

Q. Why did you then decide to take a home-study college program from CD-ED?

“After already completing a degree at a local university, I wanted to take an online program that I could fit around my life, and CD-ED offered a program that I was really excited about.”

Q. What were your expectations of distance education?

“I really had no expectations coming in since this was the first program I had taken online. The main thing I wanted to get out of the program was a practical knowledge that I could start using right after graduation.”

Q. Was the program at all what you expected? If so, how? If not, why?

“The program very much surpassed the expectations I had going in! The program was very clearly laid out and easy to follow, and the lessons all taught skills that were both very interesting but practical at the same time.”

Q. Have you ever taken other post-secondary schooling? Was this more or less difficult, or just different from in-class learning?

“I had already gone to university for another degree before CD-ED, and I enjoyed the experience of distance education much more. I found online learning less difficult because each lesson was to the point and did not have the unpractical filler that I found most of my university classes had.”

Q. Which part of the course did you find the most challenging?

“I found brainstorming and producing creative work on a deadline to be the most challenging. I was glad to learn the skills to over come this challenge, since now I find it very important to produce work for clients in a timely matter and with a set deadline.”

Q. Which part of the course was the most enjoyable?

“It is very hard to pick just one! I enjoyed everything I did in the program, but especially enjoyed the units in layout and typography.”

Q. What was the highlight of the program for you?

“The highlight of the program for me was the portfolio project at the very end. It was a great feeling to see all the hard work I had put into the program come together and to see how far I had come and how many skills I had actually learned. I also thought it was a great that CD-ED prepared you to jump right into work after graduation!”


Q. How was the instructor support during your program?

“The instructors were very supportive throughout my program and were genuinely interested in helping me progress along the way. They were very helpful and replied promptly to all of my questions, and even kept in touch to see how I was doing in the program when they hadn’t heard from me in awhile.”

Q. How did you schedule your study time to work around your home life?

“How did you schedule your study time to work around your home life?”

Q. Once you found the time to study, how difficult was the actual material?

“I found the material very clearly laid out and easy to understand. The material always brought you through the lesson step by step, so it was easy to follow along and understand what was happening.”

Q. Do you feel your program had the most up-to-date materials?

“I feel that all my materials including textbooks and software were all very up to date, and all taught the newest information that was available.”

Looking Ahead

Q. Do you have any goals/future plans set for yourself after graduation? If so, what are they?

“I am currently in the midst of starting my own freelance business, and plan on being able to grow it further as I go. I am also now taking the web design program at CD-ED, and hope to be able to expand my skills and services I offer after graduating.”

Q. How well do you feel that your program is preparing you for the current job market?

“I feel that my program has given me a set of invaluable skills that set me apart from other graphic designers in the current job market. I have begun to learn how competitive the job market can be, and it has become more and more apparent to me how important it is to have a set of high quality and innovative skills to offer.”

After Graduation

Q. What was the job hunt like after you finished your course? For instance, what kind of jobs are in the market?

“I found such a variety in jobs available in the graphic design market, since there is such a diverse way to use your skills.”

Q. Do the salaries offered out there meet your expectations?

“I found that the salaries offered in the graphic design market can vary, but they definitely make the program very worthwhile and valuable.”

Q. What is a typical day like for you at work? Is it what you expected?

“A day at work for me varies so much that it is anything but typical! The hours vary depending on projects I am working on, and I have the freedom to work any time during the day and from any location I choose. I also love how much my job can change depending on the project I am working on – it keeps my work interesting and challenging!”

Q. What is the most predominant skill you use on the job that you acquired with your program?

“I couldn’t pick just one, since I use a combination of so many skills that I learned at CD-ED and each one is as invaluable as the other.”

Q. Do you enjoy working with the skills you learned at CD-ED?

“I really do love it! CD-ED gave me a great set of skills to jump off from, and I find myself constantly learning new things or even modifying the skills I learned to create new techniques.”

Q. Would you feel comfortable recommending CD-ED to a friend or co-worker?

“I definitely would, and already have found myself recommending CD-ED!”

Q. Do you have any advice for students taking a program with CD-ED?

“Stay motivated and remember the reasons why you enrolled in the program. It won’t always be easy, but if you are truly enjoying what you are doing you will be able to overcome the bumps along the way! There were many times when balancing life with school could get overwhelming, but I always enjoyed what I was doing in the program, and remembered why I wanted to be there.”