Graduate Testimonials

Image of Christina Ramsey, Graphic Design Graduate and her testimonial that says; They wanted to do everything they could to make sure I was all set up to get the kind of work I was looking for.

Business Accounting


Graphic Design

I liked that I could work and go to school at the same time. I even got a job as a graphic designer 4 months before I graduated! I work in the advertising department for a multi-national furniture company. I am a graphic designer/ advertising assistant. I started as a junior designer and two years later have advanced to my current position. I got hired in December and graduated in April, so I had a lot of hands on training during my course as well. It was a lot of work and I had to make sacrifices but it was worth it in the end. I really enjoyed the whole experience here at CD-ED and am planning on returning possibly in the fall to continue my education. I thought the program covered a lot of different aspects and gave me a good basic foundation on which to start building. Thanks CD-ED!

Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson, Graphic Design Graduate


CD-ED prepared me very well for the current job market. They emphasized evolution and adaptability so that I would be aware of changing trends and tastes when it comes to design. They also helped me in the hiring and prospecting process. They gave me great insight into how employers hire, and why they hire the people they do.

Michaela Miller
Michaela Miller, Graphic Design Graduate

The online classroom works very well, and I haven’t had any problems with the lesson submissions. I really commend the designers of this online classroom for a very good, user friendly design. I have done other online courses where the logging in and out of various portals and sites was a nightmare and consumed more time than doing the course. There is a human touch here at CD-ED that is not present at other distance education providers.

Rosemary Hayes, Graphic Design Student

I expected distance education to be challenging. I thought it would be difficult not being able to interact face-to-face with the instructors… but it never became an issue. I didn’t expect the program to be as fun as it was!! I really enjoyed the program and the instructors were so helpful and supportive. The learning path made sense with regard to the organization of the modules. I believe that everything I learned will help me succeed in my career as a Graphic Designer.

Danielle Gour, Graphic Design Student

With my education I have successfully landed a full time graphic design job, which I got really fast. I am also surprised every day about the skill and knowledge I am using at work as at the time when I was learning it, I did not think it was super important. Though the Centre is on the other side of the country, I really felt like I was part of a community as they made me feel like an individual and not just a stranger through the screen. The school has taught me everything I need for success in my field.

Jenna Folstrom, Graphic Design Graduate

Even once I had received my diploma, the staff at CD-ED were checking in on me and giving me any advice I needed to get a job. They wanted to do everything they could to make sure I was all set up to get the kind of work I was looking for. I started up my own Photography and Graphic Design business. I am a sole proprietor and every day I get to do something I love!

Christina Ramsey, Graphic Design Graduate

My expectations for this course were to learn the basics and get a general idea on how to use each program. What I got was so much more. I feel totally prepared to search for and acquire employment as a Graphic Designer. The teachers were very helpful and patient; they guided me through with support and encouragement. Not once did my questions go unanswered. The staff at CD-ED is wonderful, helpful, encouraging, and pleasant. I can’t say enough about their supportive enthusiasm. They want you to succeed and they will help you achieve your goal!

Fay Bonthoux, Graphic Design Student

I liked that I could work and go to school at the same time. I even got a job as a graphic designer 4 months before I graduated.  It was a lot of work and I had to make sacrifices but it was worth it in the end. I really enjoyed the whole experience here at CD-ED and am planning on returning possibly in the fall to continue my education. I thought the program covered a lot of different aspects and gave me a good basic foundation on which to start building. Thanks CD-ED!

Michelle Johnson, Graphic Design Graduate

Taking a program like this through CDED is an excellent option for someone who is working full time as it allows you to complete your education while giving you the flexibility necessary to balance work, family and other commitments. The instructors go above and beyond to help out and are very encouraging as well as patient in responding to your questions and concerns.

Kevin Leusink, Graphic Design Student

From the minute I got my first shipment of books and got started, I realized that this was no different than attending school in a regular class, aside from the fact that my classroom was at home.

Carey Beers, Graphic Design

The support was awesome and any questions I had were answered right away and they were always encouraging. I actually enjoyed the section concentrating on typography. I have developed a strong interest in typography because of that section. I am really happy with my experience in the graphic design program. I felt it gave me a good base of fundamentals to build upon.

David McKoy, Graphic Design

Health Information Management

I can honestly attest that I have applied the skills, knowledge and wisdom I have gained so far in the HIM program at CD-ED every single day of my professional HIM journey.

I believe in and give credit to the instructors who I cannot stress more are truly experts in their fields. It makes a significant difference because they are able to provide students with the curriculum, skill sets and knowledge which they know are necessary in the HIM field.

Santrina Cerquozzi, HIM Graduate

I was adequately prepared to take advantage of the early-testing option for the National Certification Examination and I passed it. Since completion of the program, I have started a rewarding professional career in Health Information Management. Along with the exceptional education received at CD-ED, I gained valuable practical experiences and professional connections through the required professional practices. Thanks to the hard working, understanding and dedicated coordinators at CD-ED. I would strongly recommend this program to anybody.

Valerie Salmon Layor
Valerie Salmon, HIM Graduate

I was allowed to work at my own pace which was a huge benefit to me and allowed me to complete the course work when I had down-time at work.

Karen Cudmore
Karen Cudmore, HIM Graduate

CD-ED is genuinely interested in the academic and future career success of their students, it is a “school with a heart”. I have no hesitation to recommend it to any prospective student. It is the best door to the Health Information Management professional career in Canada.

Abunasr Zhanybekov, HIM Graduate

Legal Office Administration

Medical Office Administration


I had the opportunity to learn about the body, diseases, and conditions. Although it was challenging at times, it prepared me for the job I have now. When I had trouble, I contacted my instructor, and she helped me through it.

Collette Green
Collette Green, Medical Office Administration Graduate

CD-ED helped me in my career now because I actually wasn’t even finished the course when the doctor that I worked for hired me. They saw that I had had a distance course and they thought that as I was disciplined enough to take an online course and stick it through they knew I would have the ethic that they were looking for to work for them.

Jennifer Ferguson
Jennifer Ferguson, MOA Graduate

I really enjoyed this long distance learning and I learned a lot. I felt more comfortable in the comfort of my own home since I was older than normal students. I would really recommend this college to my friends and family. Once again I thank you all for the fantastic service you gave to me.

Carol Lapierre, MOA Graduate

CD-ED has completely changed my outlook on distance education. The instructors are very helpful and supportive – they want you to do well. The course materials were extremely focused and each module gives you the tools and skills you need to succeed in the work place. I would definitely recommend CD-ED to anyone who is ready to change their life!

Colette Bishop-Green, MOA Graduate

I really enjoyed my time at CD-ED. All the teachers were absolutely wonderful – they were eager to help, whilst also being there for help. Sometimes in a bigger class the teacher is overwhelmed by the amount of students and aren’t able to sit with them one on one, but if the teachers at CD-ED weren’t available at first call you could be certain they would be back to you within the day, I personally heard within hours. The same could be said about email and getting back your grades. The material was challenging enough to keep you on your toes and not make you bored, but not so much that you would lose motivation. Being a stay at home mom with still a lot of other things on my plate, the load wasn’t overwhelming. You could also go to your teachers for motivation, and to keep your schedule on track. I would absolutely recommend CD-ED to anyone. It was an amazing time.

Brittany Reese, MOA Graduate

Deciding to take a course through CD-ED was a tough decision but I am glad I did. The instructors were very nice and were always around to help when I had questions and were very detailed. I loved the Medical Office Administration course; I learned so many new things and found that I really enjoyed transcription. The course itself had a rough start, but I managed to get through it (with a newborn I might add) and I graduated with honors! I am very excited to take these new skills that I have learned and bring them with me into the future, into a well-deserved career in the medical field.

Pamela Giesbrecht, MOA Graduate

I felt challenged, encouraged, supported, informed and motivated to not only finish, but do the very best I could. I made the goal at the outset that I wanted to be on that President’s List and I hope, with my finishing marks this week, that I have made my goal and earned that reward. Thank you so much, Kim and Joanne, for your continual support and encouragement. I am so sad to be finished yet at the same time, relieved and proud that I have made it through.

Melissa Darling, MOA Graduate

I was thinking of going to the local college, but I didn’t want to stop working. And I always had hard time concentrating in class, when there’s a lot of people around, lot of noises.¦ One day I was browsing on the Internet, I ended up on the CD-ED website, ordered the info package, and here I am now, graduated! I just LOVED my experience with CD-ED, the staff is totally awesome, nice, the MOA course is very interesting and I honestly think that it was not long enough (in a good way), it went by so fast and I had fun.

Jolaine Haiche, Medical Office Administration

I really enjoyed this course and have recently received a couple of calls regarding interviews. I have enjoyed all my instructors and their support is very much appreciated. I will definitely refer my friends to this school.

Kim Neil, Medical Office Administration

I graduated from Medical Office Administration. I took only the medical transcription portion. I am a nurse, but have an autistic son, so studying and working from home has been wonderful. I got a job with MedQuist Canada after graduating and I am loving it there.

Rhonda Macneil-levy, Medical Office Administration

General Office Administration

To be honest, my eyes well up when I think of the opportunities this school has given me even thus far. I am able to stay home with my son who I am raising alone (who means the world to me), AND continue my education. What more could a girl ask for? My son is going to thank me one day for taking this step to offer him a better life. I look forward to bettering myself too. I have always dreamed of working in an office setting as opposed to fast food. It was degrading and made me feel worthless. I want to feel important and essential to an employer and to society.

I feel like I have a fresh start and like I am a new person. I am so eager to see where this road will lead, and where I will stand in 5 years.

Kristin Merinsky
Kristen Merinsky, Office Administration Graduate

Anyone who has any hesitation about online learning will not be disappointed with CD-ED. The program was well-structured, the instructor assistance was outstanding and I never felt alone with my studies.

It was the best feeling to graduate and not having to give up a full-time job or take time away from my family in order to sit in a classroom.



Judith Kovacs
Judit Kovacs, General Office Administration Graduate

I loved the General Office Administration program from CD-ED. The instructors are great and your fellow students were always willing to help if you were stuck or just to have a nice chat with about the program. Sad to be finished but also excited to start my new career.

Jennifer Atchison, GOA Graduate

My current job is preparing Excel spreadsheets and letters for clients. All of my administrative procedures course comes in handy, every day. I do filing quite a bit so my filing course was an excellent way to help me. I just want to thank everybody involved with CD-ED for helping me make it through, even at the worst of times.

Kayla Foster, GOA Graduate

To be honest, my eyes well up when I think of the opportunities this school has given me even thus far. I am able to stay home with my son who I am raising alone (who means the world to me), AND continue my education. What more could a girl ask for? My son is going to thank me one day for taking this step to offer him a better life. I look forward to bettering myself too. I feel like I have a fresh start and like I am a new person. Even though this program is just one small step, its still a step nonetheless in the right direction.

Kristen Merinsky, GOA Graduate

Most of the jobs I wanted to do were the types where I would of had to of moved far away from home to do, and that is something that just wasn’t an option for me. I love my area and I love the fact that I am close to all my family and friends. I did not want to spend the rest of my life working at minimum wage. I talked to a few friends of mine who took the General Office Administration course and I got really interested in it, I read up on it and eventually decided to take it. So, here I am now taking the course and going to have the job I really want.

Samantha Freeman, GOA Graduate

I would strongly recommend CD-ED to any aspiring students looking to take the plunge in to starting their career from the comfort of their homes! The instructors and all the other staff are extremely helpful and supportive, so although you’re working on your own, it never feels like you are alone! Completing my education by distance was extremely beneficial because I could continue to work almost full time, AND I didn’t have to leave my friends and family to go to school. Overall, a wonderful experience from start to finish and I’m so proud of my new diploma! CD-ED is the way to go! :)”

Marissa Dumas, GOA Graduate

The minute I found out I was accepted, I was blown away with happiness. I was nervous and scared at first but after a few minutes of talking to Sandy, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I always called her my life line. I give a tonne of credit to all the staff at CD-ED for getting me through it and for giving my life the fulfilment it needed. Thank you so much CD-ED for the push I needed. I appreciate it so much.

Erika Aebly, GOA Graduate

The staff are amazing and are right there for any problems you may have and have an answer right away for you. Gail McLean and Keith MacIntyre have been super amazing through my whole course. I would definitely tell everyone I know if they are thinking about further educating themselves to go with the Centre for Distance Education!

Carol Christian, Office Administration

I appreciate your fine attitude and interest shown to me, Hal. This is the kind of communication that continues to make CD-ED #1.

Florence Brothers, Office Administration

I have been speaking / conversing with Karolyn Churney [Admissions Officer] off and on for the past 2 months in regards to my educational requirements… Ms. Churney has proven to me that she will not only go out of her way to accommodate me, but also run that extra mile to ensure that my student loan and other educational materials relating to your courses are easy and straight forward.

Scott Saunders, Office Administration

The course offered is great. It is really easy to follow and even if someone has very little prior computer experience, they can get the hang of things real fast. I recommend CD-ED to everyone I know.

Bruce Lowe, Office Administration

When I checked your program, everyone said good things about it. And then I enrolled in the Computerized Business Applications Diploma Program, and I am loving it.

Julie Ann Chappell, Office Administration

I feel the course is overall excellent and have had no problems and have achieved excellent marks so far.

Laura Biggins, Office Administration

The best thing that I could have done is to take this course.

Lorrie Hetherington, Office Administration

I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for making my time at distance education so enjoyable. I will certainly recommend you any chance I get. Everyone was so helpful and understand and always there for me. Thank you.

Viola Gullickson, Office Administration

I decided to take a home-study college program through CD-ED because I was single parent trying to work to support my daughter so doing a home study college program would allow me to work and do my schooling at the same time and also allow me time for my daughter. I feel that my program had the most up to date materials… I have a friend who took the same course through George Brown College and she told me what took her 2-3 years to learn I was able to learn in one year.

Brandy Gamberg, General Office Administration

IT Professional

My instructor was amazing at answering questions and helpful when I struggled on something. I found that the information that is given in the instruction manuals and course outline was easy to follow and understand.

I recommend CD-ED to anyone that is looking for a profession in IT Desktop and Networking as a career.

Vicki Rogers, IT Professional Graduate


Easy to follow courses that are right to the point, guiding you through each activity. Allowing you to fit your study into a busy lifestyle if needed. With teachers eager to assist you along the way.


Shauna Pomeroy, IT Professional Graduate

More CD-ED Testimonials

Being a mature student I was interested in distance education, and I looked at many schools before choosing this one. I am so grateful to have found this school just prior to enrolling in a different one. I highly recommend that you check out the CD-ED site, and I am more than pleased to tell you why. The instructors are phenomenal, the support is second to none, the courses are very extensive but well presented for beginners, and they assist you from beginning to end. You still have access to this support after graduation.

Gail Harrison, CD-ED Student

My instructor was absolutely wonderful. She was always pleasant, and calm. She helped me every step of the way, and even gave me second chances at bettering myself.

Geoff Nelson, CD-ED Graduate

I was looking for a course that would teach me the foundations on which I could build and one that could provide me with the required knowledge but would not require three years or more of study such as university. I really appreciate being able to focus on what is important.

Ruaran Bradshaw, CD-ED Graduate

The programs offered are unique and varying and actually addressed what I was interested in, both academically and for future employment. I’m so happy that I found CD-ED. If I ever had a question, the answer seemed to be rebounded back with lightning speed. Also very encouraging, never negative. I understood almost everything. So far my CD-ED educational career has been challenging, satisfying and wonderful.  It is all worth it.

Kristine Picken, CD-ED Graduate

I chose distance education because it fit my schedule and lifestyle. I am a single mom and needed flexibility. Before starting my training, I had no knowledge of the software. I pretty much learned it on my own with the help of my instructor. Whenever I needed help, she was there working out the problems with me. I have learned a lot from her and now I am getting paid gigs.

Aida Alves, CD-ED Graduate

You have very dedicated instructors who not only know their subject but take a personal interest in individual student’s skills and career development.

Oluwole Giwa, CD-ED Graduate

This course is not what I expected at all. IT’S SO MUCH BETTER! The material is very up to date and easy to follow and understand. I have found the staff at CD-ED to be extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I have a very good foundation to start my new career!

Kerri Anderson, CD-ED Student

This program has taught me so much so far. I am grateful every day that I made the decision to take it.

Christina Paige, CD-ED Student

I am totally new to the field of graphics and coding so really did not know what to expect, when I started the course. As always the learning and practical method of all the modules are fantastic and I am happy for the hands on exercises and tasks that are given to really help understand the subject well. This style of learning has really made me a different person than when I started. At this juncture, I have managed to achieve a lot and I feel proud of myself.

Jacqueline D’Silva, CD-ED Student

The instructors are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. If I had questions or problems they were always there to lend a helping hand.

Jonathan Arthur, CD-ED Graduate

The instructor support during my program was prompt, helpful and knowledgeable. The actual material was challenging in some sections, but overall was very manageable. I have had many opportunities arise in my search for full time employment. I would feel very comfortable recommending CD-ED to others.

Andrea Reid, CD-ED Graduate

I thought that the course was, at first, hard but as I got farther in the course I found it easier to follow and very rewarding.

Lisa Coombs, CD-ED Graduate

The difference between this course and my last [at a different institution] is amazing. Sadly the assignments from my last course were not really challenging enough to really get the information in your head. I feel much more is required of me now, which in turn I’m sure I will have a much better grasp of how to use the software and apply what I have learned once I complete my course.

Vicky Jaggard, CD-ED Graduate

Probably the most positive thing I found with the CD-ED course was the instructors were very knowledgeable and they were easy to reach if I had any questions. They were pretty helpful.

Wayne Nielson, CD-ED Graduate

I’m pleased overall with the friendly service and helpfulness of CD-ED.

Ches Brushett, CD-ED Student

I like that you can schedule your own study time and that there is help anytime you need it. I’m very pleased with my marks and how great of an instructor I have.

Stephanie Bilby, CD-ED Graduate

Support from the school is excellent. Once again thank you all for making this learning experience enjoyable!

Jeff Porter, CD-ED Graduate

I never thought in a million years I would be a college graduate, I don’t think it has sunk in yet. I can’t believe that before taking this course I didn’t even know how to turn a computer on! I have learned a lot and hope to learn more with my next course.

Charles Matheson, CD-ED Graduate

Everything is going great and when I do get stuck on a problem the staff and school are great. I want to let everyone know that if they decide to take a course with CD-ED, they are making the right choice. Everyone is great and helpful at the school.

Christina Atwell, CD-ED Graduate

I would recommend CD-ED to anyone. I found that CD-ED works hard at guaranteeing your success in your course. Course materials are better than most and expected. Bravo!

Andy Waterman, CD-ED Graduate

I found the course to be a thorough, well-laid-out program. The subjects were all well-covered, and the instructors very knowledgeable.

Fred Orton, CD-ED Student

The idea of study at my own pace and schedule seemed perfect for me because I do a lot of freelance work and cannot be in a classroom all day. In the program I learned not only artistic skills and techniques, but, project management and several other skills necessary for working in a professional environment.

Alejandro Mendoza, CD-ED Student

Things have been great since I completed the program. I worked all summer and have continued working since school has started back up for me. The summer experience I had I wouldn’t have traded for anything. Thanks for everything.

Elizabeth Murphy, CD-ED Student

Before I started my course at CD-ED I was barely even familiar with computers (just able to turn them on, basically). I didn’t think it was possible and there were times when I felt that I was never going to accomplish finishing the course, but through determination I was able to and now I have completed the program with Honours. Quite an accomplishment.

Cheryl Drummond-Tattrie, CD-ED Student

The assignments were relevant and well thought out. It did not take me long to find this work and what is good is the fact that it is in my field.

Dominique Schwartz, CD-ED Student

I find this the most challenging experience I have ever taken on, the work is hard and rewarding beyond what I could have imagined it would be. The instructor is patient and fair allowing me to complete my training at my own pace. Thank you.

David Bursey, CD-ED Student

I was surprised at how many different courses were available through distance education. I had been looking at other courses through different schools but none seemed to really delve into the subject matter as much as CD-Ed. I definitely recommend this and any other course offered through CD-ED to anyone looking for a career change or maybe just an upgrade in their current one.

Manuel Villanueva, CD-ED Student

The staff and school have been more than I could have hoped for, being very understanding as I have experienced difficulties in my personal life. That they continue to be so supportive truly makes this school a step above other institutions I have had experience with. I would recommend CD-ED to anyone seeking a home study course, especially for those like myself who have difficulty interacting in a conventional classroom setting.

Malcolm MacMillan, CD-ED Student

I’m recommending this school to all my friends.

Cassandra Strain, CD-ED Student

I would like to thank everyone at CD-ED for their support and encouragement throughout my course. It has been a great pleasure to have got to know you all (over the phone of course). I will gladly keep referring my friends to check out your courses. Thanks again, keep up the good work. The school will continue to grow with the employees that it has. You have inspired many and will continue to do so. I would give the school an A+++!

Debbie Moores, CD-ED Graduate

This school gave me the opportunity to continue working and upgrade my skills without interfering with my schedule. This school also has a whole section of their home study program that is dedicated graphics or creative industry which I have not seen in any other home study program. They have people who actually have worked in this industry instead of people just teaching you how to use software.

Denise Grandy, CD-ED Graduate

Of all the courses I researched this was the one that offered the best balance of class for money. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh online division accepted me into their 4-year program, but would have cost $86,000. The AI in Denver had an affordable one month class, but I determined that I wouldn’t be able to learn enough in just a month to make it worthwhile. I love making things. I am enjoying learning how to use the program more efficiently and making so many wonderful things. I am excited to continue improving my skills to make even more amazing creations.

Lauren Braden, CD-ED Graduate

I would like to say that in the time I spent at CD-ED, I learned highly valuable information to fast forward my career. Immediately upon graduation I received an at-home position as an administrative assistant. I could not have achieved this without the help of CD-ED.

Casey McPherson, Business Applications [now General Office Admin]

I am currently working in a small gaming company. It’s ok, but I want to get further and I felt learning shouldn’t stop when you finish school. I wanted to perfect myself in what I love to do. But with time and all it is difficult and sometimes I lack motivation. But CD-ED works very well with my own schedule and gives me motivation.

Anh Thu Le, CD-ED Student