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Get GED Information by Province or Territory

Thank you for your interest in the Centre for Distance Education and congratulations on taking steps to advance your future.

In order to qualify for enrollment in any of the Centre for Distance Education programs, all applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Many provinces offer GED training to support you on your path to better career prospects.

See below for GED/High School Equivalency information in your area.

For further questions about eligibility, please call 1-866-446-5898 to speak with a knowledgeable Centre for Distance Education Admissions Representative.

General Educational Development (GED) Information & Resources

General Educational Development, or GED, is a secondary school equivalency test that certifies high-school-level education and academic skills. It is a series of five tests covering five different subject areas. The test must be taken in person at a designated GED testing centre, and once the test is successfully completed, the learner earns a High School Equivalency Certificate.

Get GED information for your province or territory: