Lie #3: Online Learning is Easy

Is Online Learning “Easier” Than Traditional Classes? Conventional wisdom says that online learning is easy, and therefore it isn’t worth your time. As it so often is, conventional wisdom is dead wrong about that. Online learning is simple, sure – it’s straightforward and uncomplicated – but it sure as heck isn’t easy. Just like traditional

Lie #2: Online Colleges Aren’t As Good As Traditional Ones

Lie #2: Online Colleges Aren’t As Good As Traditional Ones If it were actually true that traditional colleges are better than online colleges then I suppose there’d be no point even trying to juggle work and school. Universities would all close their distance education departments, and you may as well quit your job right now

Lie #1: Online Colleges Aren’t REAL Schools

The 5 Big Lies of Online Education – Part 1 of 5 If you’re reading this, you’ve been thinking about online education one way or another. Maybe you’re already a student at the Centre for Distance Education, and we’re preaching to the choir. Or maybe you are weighing your options on how to get career-focused training. If

When Can I Start Online Learning?

Attending school in person and learning online are very different activities. While the classroom learning experience is a tradition that has built up over hundreds of years, no such traditions exist for online learning. That means that you can write the rules, including when you decide to start online learning. It often seems like a huge barrier

Why do Legal Office Assistants need Strong Interpersonal Skills

Working as a legal office assistant can be fulfilling! You get to help people when they are sometimes at their most desperate and don’t see the silver lining in their own lives. However, if you don’t know how to communicate with that person, you can end up making an already stressful experience even more chaotic.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Webinar Recap

  Introduction to the 7 Habits Webinar Every one of you has obstacles in life, whether it be: Taking care of family and loved ones; Working a job while attending school; or Financial difficulties (but are trying to better your future to change that). No matter what the obstacle, each and every one of you

HIM: But I don’t WANT to code!

One of the biggest misconceptions in the Health Information Management (HIM) world is that graduates can only work as ‘coders’ in hospitals. While working as a Classifications specialist is a highly specialized and in-demand role in health care, there are many other opportunities for the certified HIM professional besides coding. What else can a HIM professional

Office Administration Careers: Challenge and Variety

Today’s Office Administrator: Multiple Talents Needed If you are looking for a career with a lots of challenge and variety, then training as an office administrator is a great way to begin. Today’s office administration careers offer much more than the secretarial work of years ago. You often coordinate the work of whole teams of people. One moment

4 Steps in Networking for Career Success within Canada

How does networking for career success happen? Networking is an extremely important aspect to a job search. Most job leads and job offers still come from networking. So what is networking? You’re actually networking all the time – even when you’re not looking for work. Everyone you know is part of your “network”. Your family,

Do you have to know how to code to be a web designer?

It’s been a big bone of contention for a while now: do you need to know how to code in order to be a web designer? It Depends Well, the answer sort of depends. That is, it depends on what your definition of a Web Designer is. It also depends on the kind of person