Vienna Sanipass, Graduate PhotoVienna came to us a full-time employee as a recording secretary for the Band Council in Elsipogtog, NB. She wanted to enhance her skills and be more valuable in her job. She is currently raising the bar for her position supporting the Chief, Band Council, and Band Manager.

The Experience

Q. What drew you to the programs at CD-ED?

“I have a full-time job and I needed to study and work at the same time. One morning I saw a commercial of this woman who studied and graduated at this college without leaving her home. I thought this on-line program was for me.”

Q. Why did you then decide to take a home-study college program from CD-ED?

“I have a full-time job and it’s perfect to enhance my position, without leaving my job and home.”

Q. What were your expectations of distance education?

“My expectation was to learn the best programs and graduate.”

Q. Was the program at all what you expected? If so, how? If not, why?

“Yes, totally. It provided me with flexible hours to study and learn.”

Q. Have you taken other post-secondary schooling? Was this more or less difficult, or just different from in-class learning?

“Yes I have. This was much more difficult, than in-class learning. You need more discipline and dedication to study on your own time.”

Q. Which part of the course did you find the most challenging?

“The most challenging part of the course, to my surprise was the; the Business Communications and Business Law.”

Q. Which part of the course was the most enjoyable?

“Legal Transcription was the most enjoyable. This has to do with my current position as a recording secretary. I had a fun with this course/module. I had a grand time with my learning experience with all the courses/modules.”

Q. What was the highlight of the program for you?

“The highlight was my marks. I look forward to seeing my results.”


Q. How was the instructor support during your program?

“She was always there for me and very supportive during my program.”

Q. How did you schedule your study time to work around your home life?

“I had to force myself to study around my home life, it was very difficult. I care for my nephew and he can be demanding of my time so, it was difficult studying around him at home. Eventually we had to work it out together. He was supportive, in the end.”

Q. Once you found the time to study, how difficult was the actual material?

“It varied pending on the subject.”

Q. Who contributed the most support towards your completion of the program?

“I did get support from my close friends, family members and co-workers. The person who contributed the most was/is my Boss; he gave me a flexible work schedule with my work assignments. I could not have done it without all their support.”

Looking Ahead

Q. Do you have any goals/future plans set for yourself after graduation? If so, what are they?

“My goal is to enhance my position as Recording Secretary here in Elsipogtog for Chief and Council. I am currently working on a work description and pay scale for this position. This position currently does not have one and this position is an extremely important part of Council. I am raising the bar for this position (excuse the pun).”

Q. What kind of job do you hope to obtain when you graduate? Have you had any luck in the search so far?

“I am currently working in the field of my choice… I am employed with the Elsipogtog Band Council, Elsipogtog, New Brunswick, Canada.”

Q. How well do you feel that your program is preparing you for the current job market?

“I am prepared to meet the job market for this position anywhere. I can also move on to other positions in our legal departments within this Band or other First Nation Communities. I stress First Nation Communities because this is where I have chosen to work; however, this is not to exclude working with other communities or nationalities.”

Q. What is a typical day like for you at work? Is it what you expected?

“I work with Chief, Band Manager and 12 Councillors here at the Elsipogtog Band. My day varies from answering to community members to be on the agenda for Council meetings on Wednesdays. Writing, memos, letters, prepping for meetings, my days are extremely busy. The expectations of me are met on a daily basis.”

Q. Do you enjoy working with the skills you learned at CD-ED?

“Yes, I’ve learned a lot and have acquired skills I use on a daily basis.”

Q. Would you feel comfortable recommending CD-ED to a friend or co-worker?

“I highly recommended this Learning Institution and I heard recently there is a secretary from the Housing Department taking a Business Administration program with CD-ED and she was referred from the Economic Development department. That’s the same department that funded my course.”

Q. Do you have any advice for students taking a program with CD-ED?

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your question may sound simple or naïve but it’s all a learning experience.”

Q. Do you have anything to add to this interview that you would like other students to know?

“Yes, if you are working or a single mother this is the best possible way to achieve your goals; home study and the time to study is flexible with CD-ED. You can achieve your goals without living home, not to worry about travel and relocating is extremely important as it’s not going to disrupt your life…except, you have to discipline your time and commit to studying. It’s all worth it in the end; go reach your potential and your goal for higher education. GO FOR IT!

Thank you, CD-ED for my learning adventure with your Learning Institution.