Mary Lou Gould Graduate PhotoMary Lou’s transcription and computer experience helped her get hired at the Department of Justice as a Mikmaq Court Translator.

The Experience

Q. What drew you to the programs at CD-ED?

“I wanted to pursue a diploma program at CD-ED because of the career opportunity and the easy access I would have to do my work instead of going out to go to school; [it was on] my time and my hours; plus I strongly believe that everyone should have an opportunity to further their education and CD-ED provides that for people with kids.”

Q. I hear you’ve recently graduated from another program while taking this course from us. What made you decide to take two courses at once?

“I just graduated from an Early Childhood Education program in Truro and took the course part time for 4 years. I found it very difficult to travel back and forth but I did it. As for taking the medical office administration program at the same time, I wanted to open more avenues as to where I can apply for employment – not only to better myself, but to provide for all my children.”

Q. Tell me how the experience of taking a home-study course from CD-ED was for you?

“The experience for me taking a course from CD-ED has been very pleasant, the instructors are very helpful and the course material is clear and to the point.”

Q. What was the highlight of the last year for you?

“The highlight of my year was for me was my graduation and for me to finally get my diploma. The funny thing about that was I left the diploma in Truro.”


Q. How did you balance school and family?

“I have a wonderful companion and very good children, I had a lot of help from Perry, who helped the children with homework, lunch and took really good care of them while I went away to go to school. Without him, I don’t think that I could have gotten this far because, believe me, there were times that I felt like giving up. But he or the kids didn’t let me.”

After Graduation

Q. Can you tell me about your job, and how your experience at CD-ED is helping you with it?

“Right now I am employed with the Department of Justice, court services division as a Mikmaq Court Translator; I feel that because of CD-ED and the courses they provide I was able to display on my resume just exactly what I can do and what my capabilities will be when I am done with this course.”

On a Personal Note

Q. You’re a local student, and unlike most of our students, you’ve met your instructors. How would you describe them?

“All of the instructors I have met at CD-ED have been very helpful, cheerful and have a positive attitude towards giving me the help that I need.”

Q. Just one more question. Do you have any advice for students taking a course from CD-ED?

“For students who are taking a course from CD-ED, my advice is never be afraid to ask because everyone I’ve met so far at CD-ED has been more then helpful and very friendly. So, speaking as a mother of 7, if I could do this so can you. Education is very important in life and I hope that everyone sticks to it even if the going gets tough.”