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Lie #1: Online Colleges Aren’t REAL Schools

Close up of a rolled-up diploma tied with a green ribbon.
Real schools expect you to work for your diploma

The 5 Big Lies of Online Education – Part 1 of 5

If you’re reading this, you’ve been thinking about online education. Maybe you’re already a student at the Centre for Distance Education, and we’re preaching to the choir. Or maybe you are weighing your options on how to get career-focused training.

If you’re one of the second group, then stick with us through this five-part series. You’ll find out how you can get training in your own home, on your own time, and end up ready for the career you’ve been dreaming of.

But first, we need to clear up some misconceptions and outright lies about distance education. The first deals with the misconception that online colleges aren’t “real schools”.

Let’s get this out of the way:

What Do You Think Of When You Hear “Distance Education”?

I bet it’s the same thing many people think of – those little fake stamps or matchbooks you get in the mail; you know, the ones that come alongside coupons for Elvis statues and radios that look like Victorian record players. You’re never sure if they’re real schools, their accreditations are from some third-party company you’ve never heard of, and you suspect the “instructors” work while in their pajamas – if you ever hear from them at all.

There’s a reason people are afraid of “diploma mills,” after all.

CD-ED, on the other hand, is a real school in a real place, with real, government-recognized diplomas. And yes, we mean the Canadian government, not some dubious tropical stand-in. (Check out our registration at

We are a proud Cape Breton, Nova Scotia private post-secondary institution. Several years ago we purchased a building in the Heritage district of Sydney, Nova Scotia to house our instructors, administrative staff, business team, management and admissions representatives. 

(In fact, if you’re local, come on in and see us! We’re at 222 George St., in Sydney.)

Real Schools Have High Standards

Thanks to that government recognition, you can trust in the knowledge that our programs’ materials, instructors, and methods meet both government and industry standards. Graphic designers respect our Graphic Design program. Likewise, medical practices approve of our Medical Office Administration program – you get the idea.

The regulations for career colleges in Canada are strict: we can’t even change a textbook without approval – and we like it that way. We even went and got ourselves certified to ISO 9001:2008 – talk about regulations! But we feel our school has never run more smoothly.

As a student at CD-ED, you’ll experience all the rigour and high standards you would expect of any higher-education institution. We know there are no shortcuts to getting excellent training; we expect you to do the work, and our professional instructors will give you the support you need. That’s because when you succeed, we succeed.